The 2020 Spark Gets a Special Dark Edition!

March 21st, 2020 by

The 2020 Spark Gets a Special Dark Edition!

The 2020 Chevy Spark, a four seater compact hatchback, is part of Chevy’s lineup of smaller, fuel efficient budget friendly cars. Although it’s the smallest car in Chevy’s legendary lineup, the 2020 Spark packs plenty of technology, safety features, and style into its small size. Whether you’re looking for a car to jet around the city in, and easily slide in and out of parking spaces, or for a car as a first time driver, the 2020 Chevy Spark will fit your needs! The Spark has been in production for many years, but recently has received a face lift focusing on the front end, resulting in a more modern and stylish Spark. This Spring, you’ll get to call first dibs on a new, even more stylish Spark model – the Special Edition.

Spark Gets a Special Edition

New in 2020 is the Spark Special Edition, and although the name is simple, the Special Edition is anything but. In keeping with the Spark’s no nonsense stylish look, the Special Edition highlights some key features by doing just the opposite – making them dark. This new edition might as well be called the Dark Edition, because it takes your often brightly colored Spark and gives it a more mysterious, shadowed look. Previously, if you had been interested in a more stand-out version of the Spark, you’d either have to go with the ACTIV trim, a sporty, ready-for-anything exterior look, or choose one of the Spark’s bright, eye catching colors like Passionfruit, Raspberry or Caribbean Blue. Now, you can get behind the wheel of a Spark unlike any others on the street. The Special Edition Spark features black accents all across the exterior, including black Chevy bowtie emblems on the front and rear of the vehicle. Your side view mirrors are also black, which when paired with the Summit White exterior paint job, give your Spark a cool contrast unlike any others. The grille is also jet black, and the daytime running lamp bezels are black, giving your front end and approach a dark look. The Special Edition sits on 15 inch black painted machine-finished alloy wheels. These are completely unique to this model and are sure to make you stand out on the road.

When Is It Available?

The Special Edition Spark was unveiled at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show with an arrival date of Spring 2020. The Special Edition is currently only available on the 1LT trim level, which is offered in either an automatic or manual transmission, and comes with plenty of safety and technology features.

The Chevy Spark is the perfect car to cruise around town in, and you don’t have to compromise your unique style with the variety of trims and colors offered. The 2020 Spark Special Edition breathes new life into the Chevy Spark, with dark features and a distinct look. If you have any questions about the Special Edition Spark, please reach out to the friendly team here at Betley, we’d be happy to help!