2021 Suburban Colors Announced

May 23rd, 2020 by

2021 Suburbans

The Chevy Suburban has always been a popular choice among families who want not only a lot of space for comfortably transporting all their members, but also a stylish and powerful vehicle that’s fun to drive. The Suburban also strikes a balance between offering a lot of features and keeping the price affordable.

Chevrolet has made some nice upgrades for the 2021 Suburban, including offering nine exciting colors. Buyers have the option to get a Suburban that’s luxurious and sleek or to express their sense of style.

Here are the colors announced for the 2021 Chevrolet Suburban:


You can’t go wrong with a black Suburban. Instead of looking like another soccer mom, you’ll look like a G Man taking your family to an important location. Black just looks good on the Suburban, and this classic choice gives the SUV a look of prestige.

Cherry Red Tintcoat

Red is a bold color that gets attention. This cherry red is brighter than most, and it is sure to turn heads. The glossy red is the right choice when you want to make a statement.

Empire Beige Metallic

Beige isn’t exactly the color you correlate with anything exciting, but on the Suburban, you should. The metallic coat looks more like a polished chrome than your friend Karen’s cable-knit sweater.

Graywood Metallic

Graywood metallic looks like a smoky version of the black finish. The coat is dark, but it has a slightly lighter tone and a polished look. The graywood metallic is for those who prefer a more understated elegance.

Iridescent Pearl Tricoat

With the iridescent pearl tricoat, you get the same luxurious style of the empire beige metallic, but you get a brighter look. The shade is a touch whiter without being overwhelming.

Midnight Blue Metallic

Blue is a great choice for those who like a more neutral color for the Suburban but who find black to be a bit passe. You get a brighter shade without moving into flamboyant territory. This dark blue color is serious without losing style.

Satin Steel Metallic

Think of the satin steel metallic like a slightly darker version of the empire beige metallic. This is a true silver, and it looks glamorous without being flashy.

Shadow Gray Metallic

The shadow gray metallic looks like a blue ghost. The smokey gray is infused with a deep blue, which helps this shade give your Suburban an air of mystery.

Summit White

Get the brightest color with this option. You’ll create a bold statement with your clean and elegant looking Suburban.

When the 2021 Suburban models become available, you can check out all the colors and take a test drive at Betley Chevrolet. You’ll really be able to see the nuance of the new colors in person, and you’ll be blown away by how vibrant and beautiful they are. You’ll also love the new features on the 2021 Suburban, and you’ll have a blast driving it. Contact us today to learn when the new Suburban will be available or to learn more.