Heated Steering Wheel and Other Additions: Suburban and Tahoe

April 24th, 2022 by

Covid has wreaked havoc on global supply chains, and a major component affected was semiconductors. Those tiny components often go unnoticed, but the effects started to crop up everywhere when there was a shortage.
One affected area was the heated steering wheels in new Chevy Suburbans and Tahoes. With the shortage Chevy couldn’t get the microchips they needed to make these components work. Fortunately, when it comes to heated steering wheels in those vehicles, those problems are behind us now!

The Heated Steering Wheel is Back!

Supply chain issues meant orders for both the Suburban and Tahoe couldn’t come with heated steering wheels starting on December 6th, 2021. But the good news is that if you’re ordering a Suburban or Tahoe today and want a heated steering wheel – it’s back!

Production on these components restarted on March 27th, 2022, which means any new vehicles that are supposed to have these features once again have them.

If you’re interested in the heated steering wheel it doesn’t come on every Suburban and Tahoe though. You’ll need to get the LT, RST, Z71, Premier, or High Country trim package for it to even be an option.

With the LT, RST, and Z71 trim levels you’ll need to purchase the optional Luxury Package (RPO WPL) if you want the heated steering wheel. With the Premier or High Country trim levels it comes standard.

Other New Features for Suburban and Tahoe

While heated steering wheels are back, there are plenty of other new features to love on the 2022 Suburban and Tahoe. For starters, while these vehicles used to only have rear park assist, now every Suburban and Tahoe has both front and rear park assist as a standard feature across all trim levels.

Furthermore, if you need a little more help while parking, with the Premier and High Country trim levels, reverse automatic braking is now an available feature.

For the Premier trim level you’ll need to purchase the Enhanced Display and Alert Package. With the High Country trim level you’ll need to opt for Adaptive Cruise Control as well.

Additionally, if you plan on using your Tahoe or Suburban to tow things, there’s now an Enhanced Trailer View option which is available on the Premier and High Country trim levels.

This feature gives you a trailer camera provision, trailering assistance guidelines, and an auxiliary trailer camera. If you go with the Premier trim level you’ll need the Max Trailering Package, the Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors, and the Enhanced Display and Alert Package to get the Enhanced Trailer View option on your Suburban or Tahoe.

Final Thoughts

Are you interested in a Chevy Suburban or Tahoe with a heated steering wheel? Or perhaps you have a few more questions you want answered about these vehicles.

Either way, the experts at Betley Chevrolet would love to help you out. They’ll also get you behind the wheel for a test drive and walk you through everything you need to know to get your Suburban or Tahoe on order today!