Electric vehicles are popping up everywhere. Almost every automaker wants a shot to see what they can do with electricity.

The Chevrolet Bolt has put up very impressive numbers amongst those electric vehicles. The Bolt gives you an EPA-estimated 238 miles of range. This vehicle also has the technology, comfort and amenities you come to expect from your vehicles. Let’s see how the Bolt matches up against the competition.

Vs. Tesla Model 3

If you are interested in electric vehicles, you have probably heard about the Tesla Model 3. This vehicle is a highly anticipated one in the electric vehicle segment.

This may be because the Model 3 will give you a 220-mile range. This is impressive in the electric vehicle segment because many electric vehicles have a range of around 100 miles. However, the Bolt still beats out the Model 3 with its range of 238 miles. Also, if you are interested in the Tesla Model 3, you will have to wait because this vehicle won’t be available until mid-2018.

Vs. Nissan Leaf

The engines of the Leaf and the Bolt can tell us a lot about these vehicles. The Bolt’s electric motor gives you 200-horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque while the Leaf only gives you 107-horsepower and 187 pound-feet of torque.

However, the power is only part of the story. Let’s also take a look at the fuel economy. The Bolt gives you 128 city and 110 highway MPGe, and the Leaf gives you 124 city and 101 highway MPGe. The Bolt also offers you a 238-mile range, while the Leaf only gives you a 107-mile range.

Vs. Chevy Volt

With all of these vehicles, we have been looking at the range. This is because you will want to know how far you can make it on a single charge. However, a few of these next models are hybrid models, so they will have an electric range until the internal combustion engine turns on.

The Chevy Volt is one of these hybrid models. This vehicle can give you the versatility to go further because you won’t have to worry about finding a charging station. The Volt gives you a 53-mile range before the internal combustion engine turns on.

Vs. BMW i3

As previously stated, the Bolt gives you a range of 238 miles. This about twice the range of the i3. The i3 has a 114-mile range. As far as environmental impact goes, the Bolt also produces 6.3 pounds less of smog-producing pollutants than the BMW i3 every 15,000 miles.

Vs. Toyota Prius Prime

This vehicle gives you an all-electric 25-mile range. Then, the internal combustion engine turns on and takes over.

In terms of being able to take long journeys without worrying about a charging station, a plug-in hybrid can be a good way to go. However, the 25-mile range pales in comparison to the 238-mile range of the Chevrolet Bolt.

We have looked at a lot of comparisons of electric vehicles and even a few hybrid vehicles. It looks like the Chevrolet Bolt beats out all the competition. The Bolt gives you an excellent driving range of 238 miles and great efficiency, so you can make it further. If you are looking into electric vehicles, the Bolt should be high on your list.